98% of WannaCry Victims were Running Windows 7 and not XP
  You’ve probably heard about it by now. The raging global ransomware appropriately named “WannaCry” that has crippled hundreds of thousands of computers in 150+ countries until a killswitch stalled its proliferation. While most of the world is talking about how their machines can be restored and safeguarded, another... Read more
Samsung Galaxy S8 beats the iPhone 7 in this speed test
Performance comparisons to the iPhone are inevitable every time a new Android flagship comes out. The iPhone is known to offer the smoothest and most consistent performance, but is it actually the fastest? With the Galaxy S8 and this year’s new 10 nm processors, it seems the iPhone 7... Read more
7 roles chatbots could play in media and entertainment
GUEST: One of the more fun assertions you hear tossed around nowadays is “Chatbots will kill apps, websites, and basically everything else, too” — except, it seems, email. Having been in the marketing business for a couple of decades now, I read and listen to these convictions with a compassionate smile.... Read more
Refurbished Galaxy Note 7 may actually be called the Galaxy Note FE
Samsung has already confirmed multiple times that it will soon release a refurbished variant of the Galaxy Note 7 with a smaller battery. The handset is only going to be sold in select markets. Samsung is yet to confirm what it’s going to be called and how much it’s... Read more