Microsoft Announces The New Surface Pro: Refined with Kaby Lake
This morning in Shanghai, China, Microsoft announced the latest generation of their Surface Pro tablet. The numbering system is gone, and it’s back to just Surface Pro, but the latest generation is a long way from the original Surface Pro that came out in 2013, and it’s a design... Read more
Startups from a variety of regions will convene later this summer at Google’s headquarters in San Francisco. Google’s Launchpad Accelerator program is a boon for those smaller startups and development teams in parts of the world where Silicon Valley doesn’t have as much reach. The company has announced that it’s... Read more
Last year, LG announced a new series of smartphones that allowed them to offer a single flagship piece of hardware in a phone at an affordable price. They do this by using low-end or mid-range hardware for all other aspects of the phone, but it really is a thoughtful... Read more
Microsoft Announces New Surface Pro, Updated Surface Pen and Premium Type Covers
  Microsoft pulled the wraps off a new Surface Pro at the Shanghai event. Along with the new Surface Pro, Microsoft has also announced a new Surface Pen that comes with new features like tilt detection. The Surface Pro is an iterative upgrade for the Surface Pro 4 and... Read more