Splitwise app adds Pay with Patym as one of the payment options
Splitwise is an expense as well as bills splitting app and is reasonably popular among the tech-savvy Indians. The developers of Splitwise are rolling out a new update that adds Paytm as one of the payment options in the app. The new “Pay with Paytm” options appears only for... Read more
Twitter rumoured to be testing a rounded interface for its alpha Android app
It looks like Twitter is changing its Android app’s design yet again. A leakster reported to Android Police with information about a new user interface that is currently being tested in Twitter’s alpha testing branch. The leakster also shared screenshots of the new user interface and interestingly it looks like... Read more
6 steps to creating a killer voice app for Alexa and Google Assistant
GUEST: As you no doubt have experienced, a new market of conversational devices and services has emerged. From Amazon Alexa and Google Home to Facebook Messenger bot and intelligent assistants, we’re surrounded by conversation. (Between us, when was the last time you checked the weather on a device other... Read more
Google’s Android Device Manager app renamed Find My Device, updated UI also included
Minutes before Google I/O 2017 begins, Google has released a notable update to one of its Android apps. The Android Device Manager app has been renamed Find My Device. This update includes a new name as well as a new icon and user interface that are both much more... Read more