Google offers many ways of monetization for Android developers to profit. Simple purchases and in-app purchases are just two that we can easily name. The typical monetization model can soon change, thought, as Google further encourages developers to use the subscriptions. The data collected by Google shows 10-time growth... Read more
Google Assistant’s new features transform it from product to platform
Google’s next platform is all about machine learning and natural language processing. A full year on from its launch at Google I/O 2016, Google Assistant has both expanded to new devices and added dozens of features that truly reposition it as a platform rather than a product. With everything... Read more
Google Can Help You Find Your Next Job With New Search Features
Google has announced at I/O today a series of new features coming to Search, under the name Google for Jobs. These features aim to make searching for jobs or new employees as easy as possible, by pulling listings from services including LinkedIn, Facebook, CareerBuilder, Monster, Glassdoor, and other sites. Pichai... Read more
Nokia 6 Specs, Release Date, Features, Review & Price Info in India
Nokia 6 Android Phone: Once-upon-a-time dominant brand Nokia is all set to re-enter the global smartphone market with its latest handset that operates on Android Nougat Operating System. Nokia 6 is the latest smartphone from the company that has been launched after about five long years. The handset has been... Read more