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PSA: Play Services Update Broke Titanium Backup & Substratum. Here’s a Fix.
Recently, a lot of users of certain popular root applications such as Titanium Backup and Substratum began experiencing some rather odd issues. Suddenly, Titanium Backup would become stuck at 0% when trying to restore applications, and Substratum users noticed that themes were failing to apply. Some users believed that... Read more
The LG G6 Has Awkward, Jaggy Display Corners… Here’s the Fix
LG’s newest engineering miracle revolves around the LG G6‘s display, as the company ditched the modular functionality it introduced with the LG G5. This tall display has QHD levels of pixel density on a 2:1 ratio, flanked by thin bezels. Moreover, LG implemented rounded corners to make the device... Read more
Semi-Critical Intel Atom C2000 SoC Flaw Discovered, Hardware Fix Required
Last week, Paul Alcorn over at Tom’s Hardware picked up on an interesting statement made by Intel in their Q4 2016 earnings call.  The company, whose Data Center group’s profits had slipped a bit year-over-year, was “observing a product quality issue in the fourth quarter with slightly higher expected... Read more
What do you do when the Gear VR display is messed up? One of the cool things about how Samsung’s Gear VR platform works is the total take over once you connect the phone to the dock. The Oculus software launches, and the dividing line between your Gear VR... Read more