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What to do when your Amazon Echo isn’t working right? The Amazon Echo and Echo Dot are the best voice-controlled smart home speakers you can buy. They work with many different smart home products and services, and there’s a bunch of really cool stuff you can do with them.... Read more
Here’s everything you need to know if you cracked the screen on your Galaxy S7. Broken screens happen. Mix a big piece of thin glass (no matter how many Gorillas were involved) and something that will be dropped and bumped and otherwise gently abused and the outcome is broken... Read more
Just yesterday, we highlighted a bootloader vulnerability that affected the OnePlus 3 and OnePlus 3T. This vulnerability made use of the fastboot mode on the device to toggle SELinux status from Enforcing to Permissive. This state toggle can be done on both bootloader locked and bootloader unlocked devices. The... Read more
The Galaxy S7’s battery is bigger than before, but you still don’t want to waste what you have. The eternal quest for longer battery life in smartphones continues on, as evermore efficient chips and bigger batteries are in a battle with new software, apps, features and big screens. You... Read more