LG G6 Slow Motion Guide: How to Share Videos with Slow Motion Intact
Slow motion video is a feature that’s generally restricted to flagship smartphones for a very good reason. Shooting in slow motion, you see, is a complicated affair. Contrary to popular opinion, these cameras don’t exactly slow down time, but the fact that a decent slow motion camera costs thousands... Read more
It’s been barely a month since LG G6 made its debut in Indi last month. With a fresh new candy-bar design and impressive screen-to-body ratio, the LG G6 landed for Rs 51,990. Now LG is offering a special discount of Rs 10,000 on its flagship as Mahesh Telecom, a... Read more
LG G6: A Quick Glimpse at Design and Aesthetics
It’s been a little more than a day since I got my paws on the LG G6, and it’s already quite apparent why LG’s flagship phone swept away major awards at the Mobile World Congress 2017. The Korean electronics giant has made a definite and deliberate U-turn from the... Read more
HDR has been available on TVs and even some desktop monitors for a while now, and it helps to enhance the quality of the video you’re watching. Google itself added support for HDR video content on YouTube late last year, but even today it’s only available on a limited... Read more