How to use Netflix on Rooted Android phones
Netflix latest version is no longer work on rooted devices. In this article we’ll show you How to Get Netflix back on rooted Android phones / Tablets. Last month (May) Netflix has blocked its app from google play to all Rooted & bootloader unlocked Android phones. However, it’s possible to bypass... Read more
Wanted to go for a binge on your rooted Android phone? I’ve got some bad news. Rooted users started noticing the app gone from Google Play on their devices over the weekend, and Netflix eventually confirmed it did this intentionally. The streaming service is now using Google’s Wildvine DRM... Read more
Netflix blocks rooted, unlocked phones from downloading its app
Netflix is blocking all the rooted and unlocked smartphones from downloading the official app. The video streaming company confirms that all the smartphones with modified code will be incompatible. Not only that, it won’t even appear in the search results for such devices. The video streaming company is taking... Read more
HDR has been available on TVs and even some desktop monitors for a while now, and it helps to enhance the quality of the video you’re watching. Google itself added support for HDR video content on YouTube late last year, but even today it’s only available on a limited... Read more