Motorola is bringing dual rear cameras to the mid-range segment. It looks like dual rear cameras will be the defining trend this year. We’ve already seen Xiaomi roll out the feature in the Mi 6, and OnePlus is rumored to offer a dual-camera setup in the OnePlus 5. Motorola... Read more
Vertu’s new SIGNATURE Cobra limited edition feature phone costs a cool Rs.2.3 crore
Luxury phone brand Vertu has come up with yet another exorbitantly priced device. The latest from Vertu is called the SIGNATURE Cobra, a limited edition model that has been priced at about $3,60,000 or Rs.2.3 crore. As you can see in the image above, the phone features a Cobra... Read more
Is this Samsung’s new flip phone for China?
A new smartphone from Samsung, the SM-G9298, passed the FCC certification a couple of days ago. The device also passed through Wi-Fi Alliance’s certification process. Now, a purported image of the device has appeared in the Internet, showing us its design for the first time. As you can see... Read more