How do I unlock the Galaxy S8 with my face? The Galaxy Note 7 (RIP) was the first Samsung device with biometric unlock, but along with iris scanning, the Galaxy S8 brings back an old trick: face unlock. Both are fast and secure, and make up for the awkward... Read more
Through its press party in late March for the Galaxy S8 and S8 In addition, Samsung also confirmed off the impending 2017 edition of its Equipment 360 digicam. Currently, the enterprise eventually introduced that the price of the digicam will be $229, and that it will go on sale... Read more
Our expectations of what it takes to get into our phones have been set too high. The Galaxy S8’s iris scanning is quicker and more accurate than when it debuted (for a short period) on the Galaxy Note 7, saving us from using the fingerprint sensor every time we... Read more
Secure Folder makes it easy to keep your stuff where only you can get to it. Secure Folder is a component of Samsung Knox that gives you a “compartment” to hold apps and files that is separate from the rest of the phone. You don’t need to create a... Read more