According to a report from VR Focus, an unnamed representative of God of War developer Sony Santa Monica told them that the studio is working on a “full-blown 2nd wave title” for PlayStation VR. The source adds that it will be revealed soon, and they know it will go well with... Read more
As one of the earliest developers of the PlayStation VR (PSVR) headset and having worked on countless other peripherals for the company, Sony’s Richard Marks knows a lot about futuristic tech. The PlayStation Magic Lab boss is constantly working with the next big concepts that will make our gaming... Read more
Swiss startup MindMaze, which raised $100 million in funding, has launched its MindMaze Pro virtual reality treatment for stroke recovery patients in the U.S. The launch shows that VR is for more than just games, as it stands at the intersection of neuroscience and entertainment. The launch is the latest example... Read more
React VR speeds up Oculus Home on Samsung Gear — it’s three times faster
Gear VR got a massive refresh recently. Not only did a new version of Samsung and Oculus’ mobile VR headset release with a new motion controller, but there were updates on the software side, too. These updates were delivered with the help of the new React VR framework. When... Read more