Themes Thursday: Here are this week’s top ten themes

Welcome to this week’s Themes Thursday! This is where we showcase some of the best themes released each week for Samsung’s Galaxy smartphones. We noticed that our theme selection was growing a bit monotonous over the past few weeks, so each one of us at SamMobile decided to submit one theme to bring diversity.

Hopefully, most of you would like this week’s theme listing better. There are some colorful and bright themes as well as some battery saving themes listed below. A couple of themes listed below have brilliant custom Always On Display images. Let us know which new theme pack did you like from this week.

[Anup] Mix UI
Samsung Galaxy Theme - [Anup] Mix UI

[Binod] RamaUI
Samsung Galaxy Theme - [Binod] RamaUI

[Anup] Mix UI
Samsung Galaxy Theme - [Anup] Mix UI

[Kendi] Flug Black
Samsung Galaxy Theme - [Kendi] Flug Black

[MINU] Flat TouchWiz Black
Samsung Galaxy Theme - [MINU] Flat TouchWiz Black

Always Valentine’s Day & MOH (Live & AOD)
Samsung Galaxy Theme - Always Valentine's Day & MOH (Live & AOD)

Fight Club
Samsung Galaxy Theme - Fight Club

Lonely Planet
Samsung Galaxy Theme - Lonely Planet

Mountain Road
Samsung Galaxy Theme - Mountain Road

Night Sky Tree & MOH (Live & AOD)
Samsung Galaxy Theme - Night Sky Tree & MOH (Live & AOD)

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