This Free Extension Brings a Command Launcher to Google Chrome


Most people now spend the majority of their computer time on a browser. Gone are the days where you had juggle between multiple programs. Getting used to and remembering browser’s various shortcuts and features, however, can be a bit overwhelming. Hence, I present you “Cato”, a command launcher for Chrome.


Cato is a free Chrome extension that lets you execute various commands by simply typing them. Fire it up, type in what you’d like to do and let Cato worry about how to do it. The search works similar to something like Spotlight on Mac and can be triggered using any custom shortcut. For instance, if you want to organize all the opened tabs by a URL, you can just type “sort”, press enter and it’s done. Similarly, you can ask Cato to merge all the windows into a single one or change the tab or launch a tab from your bookmarks.

It supports a range of essential actions, normally which would have to months for you to master. Apart from the aforementioned ones, Cato offers a few more nifty commands you should know about — play/pause active videos, navigating through tabs, search any engine, open a new window and more. My personal favorite without a doubt is the merge feature.

In addition to that, Cato’s command launcher can be customized on a granular level from the settings. Naturally, I went for a dark theme by altering the background and text color. I wonder why the developer didn’t include a few presets by default. But nevertheless, it’s a neat feature I don’t see very often with Chrome extensions.

One of the key reasons why I have begun using Cato regularly is that it eliminates the need for a trackpad as I usually prefer working with just a keyboard. Cato is entirely free of cost and you can download it from the Chrome Web Store. You can also check out the video embedded below to watch it in action.

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