Update: Samsung to Launch Galaxy S8 Edge on 29th March

Samsung has finally announced the release date of their Flagship model the Samsung Galaxy S8 Edge on 29th March. Although we already have some idea about the features of this model, you must be excited to learn about why this is going to be the next big thing from Samsung.

Samsung Confirms Galaxy S8 Edge Release Date:

Samsung has proudly decided to launch their new model at their own Samsung Unpacked event on 29th March and not at the MWC 2017 which is quite surprising. It is again expected to be on sale on April 21ST, although there are many suggested dates.

Specifications and Features in Detail:

Galaxy S8 Edge will have large screen and the usual dual curved screen. There won’t be any home button, but it will come with more on-screen control expected to give more flexibility. The optical fingerprint sensor within the display will make it the first smartphone to feature this type of security.

The Snapdragon 835 processor will make the mobile faster than the previous models, and the 6 GB RAM will make it a massive beast. The new improved Google assistant will probably replace the Bixby Assistant with high definition audio packed with stereo speakers.

The rumor that the Samsung S8 Edge will have super slick design is probably not true as leaked pictures of the mobile from every angle show it is quite similar to its predecessors. It will feature the usual metal frame and the stunning glass back.

There are no rumors regarding Samsung copying Apple’s wireless headphone design as it will humbly feature the 3.5mm headphone jack, a speaker, and the USB Type-C port. The camera rumors are intense as there are many rumors regarding S8’s camera and the probability that it will have a dual-lens camera widely thought to challenge the LG G5 model or maybe the Huawei P9 and there’s much more. The most exciting rumor about the camera is that it might reach up to 30MP and this is just one of the rumor about the camera which is something worth the wait. But, whatever it is the expectation is too high on this matter.

Galaxy S8 might feature a 3500mAh battery unlike the 3600mAh featured in the S7, probably to avoid the consequences of what so ever happened with the note 7.


Anyways the Samsung Galaxy S8 is going to be a great competitor for its rivals, and with all the exciting new features on the list, this is something you should be excited about if you have been waiting all this time.

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