When to enable smooth turning on your PlayStation VR

Should I enable smooth turning in my VR games?

Full body motion in VR is hard. When your eyes see the world moving around you, but your body can’t feel a matching sensation for movement, the end result is frequently called Cue Correction or Sim Sickness. Your brain tries to compensate for not being able to feel the things the eyes are seeing, maybe by leaning in one direction or crouching, and it quickly makes some people nauseated. This is why many VR games put you inside of a vehicle or let you walk around with your body instead of using a button to move.

Some games, usually faster-paced action games, rely on thumb sticks for movement in VR. To compensate for the potential of Cue Correction, most of these games don’t let you turn around very quickly. Some games limit you to a 30-degree turn at a time, or make the turns slow enough to decrease the potential for sickness. In most cases, these games also have a comfort setting you can adjust in order to turn faster. Here’s how to use that feature without getting sick.

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