Xiaomi targets a sale of 7 million units for the Redmi Note 4 in India

Notwithstanding the recent exit of its most instrumental force, Hugo Barra, Xiaomi seems to be all pumped up. Xiaomi India head, Manu Jain, recently disclosed that the company has set a target of sale of nearly 7 million units for its most recently launched device, the Redmi Note 4 in India.

This target is almost double of that of the Redmi Note 3, last year’s hugely popular smartphone, which saw sale of approximately 3.6 million units in India. Its popularity was so much so that the Redmi Note 3 even went on to become the best-selling device in India in 2016. While it may have a high enough target to reach, the Redmi Note 4 which was launched only last month in the country, seems to be doing quite well on its own steam. The device is said to have sold 250,000 units in under ten minutes in its first sale few weeks ago.

The device is available in three variants: a 3GB variant with 32GB storage capacity that costs ₹10,999 and a 4GB variant with 64GB storage capacity that costs ₹12,999. A 2GB variant with 32GB of storage capacity was launched just week, and costs ₹9,999.

Jain also disclosed that the company aims to become the top smartphone vendor in India in the next three to five years’ time. “I would want Xiaomi to become number one in overall smartphone sales volume perspective in India in 3-5 years,” he said. To achieve this, the company plans to open up one or two more factories in collaboration with Foxconn. Xiaomi currently has only one factory in India which is located at Sri City in Andhra Pradesh.

Xiaomi has been operating at full force in the country. Since the time of its launch two years ago, it has managed to get more than $1 billion (approximately ₹6,800 crores) in revenue. “We have already invested hundreds of millions dollars in India over last few years and India will remain our first priority outside Mainland China. We will continue to invest hundreds of millions of dollars on manufacturing, warehouses, logistics, call centres and service centres in India,” Jain added.

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